Kids Mark National Pizza Day with Taste-Test Event

Pizza Tasting Collage

Rodman Public Library marked National Pizza Day with a pizza-tasting event on Wednesday, February 9.

A panel of 14 children, ages 7-12, took part in the blind taste-testing of samples of cheese pizza from seven Alliance pizzerias.

The children judged each sample on four criteria -- appearance, cheese, sauce, and crust -- on a scale of 1 to 5 with a perfect score being a 70 for each category and a 280 being a perfect overall score.

While the scores were close, the kids judged East of Chicago to be their favorite with an overall score of 228.5, having the best cheese (60) and sauce (60). East of Chicago tied with Papa Johns for first in appearance (60.5), while the top crust was judged to be “Your” Pizza Shop (55.5), which was the overall runner-up with a score of 225.25.

Other area pizzerias who donated pizzas included Chives, Gionino’s, Pizza Oven and Stone Age.

Rodman Library thanks the local restaurants for their donations.