Rodman Library Partners with Ohio Benefit Bank

Rodman Library is partnering with the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) to assist people in our community. Help is available for Ohio’s veterans, families, and seniors. Our Reference staff will work with you in transferring your information into the correct computer databases that will help determine your level of assistance. Some of the benefit programs include food assistance, home energy assistance program (HEAP), health coverage, costs associated with prescription drugs for Medicare recipients, child care subsidies, USDA child nutrition programs, and more.

Since the Ohio Benefit Bank program began in 2006, it has helped thousands of Ohioans claim tax credits and benefits that are worth millions of dollars. Each of these dollars support local and state economies. Find out what benefits are available to you. Make an appointment by calling the Main Library at 330-821-2665, ext. 211, or stop by the Information Desk. You may also visit the OBB site online at