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Rodman Public Library provides downloadable audiobooks, ebooks, movies, and music through the Ohio Digital Library.Ohio eBook Project logo

This service allows you to download audiobooks, ebooks, and some video and music, which you can play on your computer or a compatible portable device or ereader. To get started or to learn more, just visit the Ohio Digital Library web site. The web site has a My Help! button on the upper left of the screen as well as help on many topics.

eBooks for iPads, Blackberrys, NOOKs, and Kindles, Too!

Rodman Public Library is pleased to announce the availability of eBooks for the Kindle eReader. OverDrive, the library's eBook lender, has begun adding Kindle compatibility to all of the U.S. public and school libraries in its network.

The process for borrowing a public library eBook for Kindle is similar to other devices. Most eBooks already in the library's catalog supplied by OverDrive are compatible with Kindle, so users simply browse or search for "Kindle Book," check out a title with a valid library card, and then click "Get for Kindle." Access to the Kindle Book will occur at Amazon's website after signing in and selecting delivery to the user's Kindle device or any of the free Kindle reading apps. As with all eBooks and other digital content at OverDrive-powered libraries and schools, titles are available 24/7 and incur no late fees because they automatically expire at the end of the two week lending period.

In addition to Kindle, the library offers eBooks for most major desktop and mobile devices, including Windows®, Mac®, iPod®, iPhone®, iPad®, Sony® Reader, NOOK™, Android™, BlackBerry® and Windows® Phone.

Learn how to use ebooks

A series of "How-To" YouTube videos from the State Library of Ohio

More Free Downloads

In addition to the Ohio Digital Library, you can download free audiobooks, ebooks, music and video from many web sites. Here are a few.

The Internet Archive
Audiobooks, ebooks, music, live music archive, and video

Project Gutenberg
Audiobooks, ebooks, music, and video