Library notification options

Rodman Public Library offers a variety of notices to inform you. These notices include:

  • Courtesy notices - received a day or two before your items are due (email and text only)
  • Hold pickup notices - received the same day as when your requested items become available for you to pickup
  • Overdue notices - first and second overdue notices
  • New items that match your preferred searches - find out what has been recently cataloged in topics that you enjoy (email and text only)

You may opt to receive these notices in three different formats:

  • Telephone notices
  • Email notices
  • Text message

Telephone notices are brief phone calls that tell you that something is available for you to pickup or that something is overdue. There are no details of what the item is in the message but you are told if your hold is available at the main library or the branch.

Email notices are the most complete of the three types of messages. They include the date, titles, where to pickup held items, any fines that are on your account, and how long the item will be held for you.

Text messages are short messages that tell you that something is available for pickup or if you have items overdue. They are best used in conjunction with email notices so you can get the full details or you may call the library at 330-821-2665 to find out what is available and where to pick it up.

How to Sign Up for a Particular Type of Notice:

If you prefer to receive your notices via email or telephone, you may do so by indicating one of these methods from the My Account/Renew button on our web site Login with your name and barcode and select the 'Modify Personal Information' link.

How to modify your phone number or email address

If you prefer to receive your notices via text message, you may do so by notifying a staff member.

PLEASE NOTE: While there is no charge from the Library for this service, you may see a charge for incoming text messages at the standard rate applied by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan or package.

Additional information on Rodman Library's Notification Policy is available.