Sebring McKinley Students Share Writings Inspired by "The Children's Blizzard"

The following are pieces of creative writing inspired by Melanie Benjamin’s The Children’s Blizzard produced by students of Nicole Mathias at Sebring McKinley High School.


I was on my way home after the storm had lifted. The winds were very harsh, so I was forced to stay with my mother. But now it had lifted and I was going home. It was very peaceful until I saw a hawk flying in circles around something. I wasn’t in a rush, so I went over to see what it was. I couldn’t see it at first with all of the white snow, but then I saw it.

            It was a hand, popping out of the snow. I didn’t know what to do, I was stunned. I had so many thoughts going through my mind. Should I pick it up, should I get help, should I leave it and walk away? I was standing there by the body for almost ten minutes until I made up my mind. I turned and started running toward the town to get help. I knew it was useless because who knows how long the body had been there, but I went to the town to try.

-- Caiden Miller, 10th grade



Gerda: My view

Cold wet and tired

So close yet so far

Given up clothes for others

No leg and no Fredrik

They want me dead

My time may have come

But I tried my hardest

-- Reece Runyon, 10th grade 



Her hands, what used to be so warm.

Now lie dead and frozen.

Her skin I once admired,

Is pale and broken.

Frozen from the tears of her cries.

I promised until death do I part,

And as I lay and breathe my last breath,

I filled the promise as we both left.

-- Bella Threet, 10th grade