Rodman Public Library offers free wireless internet access at both the main library and the Branch Library. Patrons may bring their personal laptop computers or smart phones into the library to connect to the Internet.

Patrons must supply their own equipment, wireless card and Internet browser. Users are responsible for setting up their equipment to access Rodman Public Library’s Wi-Fi network. Printing access is not available via the Wi-Fi network. Patrons wishing to print must save information on a flash drive or email it to themselves to print from a public computer.

Like most public access "hotspots", the library’s Wi-Fi network is not secured and therefore it is not recommended to transfer personal information using this network. Wi-Fi access is provided as a free public service on an "as is" basis with no guarantee of service.

An informational pamphlet is available at the main library or on the library’s website. For more information contact the library at 330-821-2665.